That's why!

  • Suitable for up to 30 people
  • Can also be used as a subroom
  • Impressive view of the Central Station’s entrance

Central Station
View of vibrating and energetic Amsterdam

Impressive and absolutely unforgettable: the view of Amsterdam Central Station. The trams, the tourists, the buses, the cyclists and the citizens of Amsterdam; inspiration for your meeting and relaxation for your guests.

Easy to expand
You can use the Central Station as a plenary room for your training session, meeting or gathering. This room can also be used as a subroom, if you need to split up the group.

Modern facilities
A flexible setup, the desired audio-visual equipment, of course, a break room right next door, and the centre of Amsterdam close at hand, for a relaxing after-lunch walk to recharge for the afternoon session.

Below you will find the maximum capacity for each of the setups in the Central Station
U-shape 17 people
Square: 18 people
School: 19 people
Cabaret: 25 people
Circle: 17 people
Theatre: 30 people

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