That's why!

  • Surprising flavours and seductive smells
  • From luxury five-course meal to dinner dance
  • Breathtaking view of the Amsterdam canals
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Our event location in Amsterdam surpasses any good taste and offers a lot of culinary enjoyment. Taste is a genuine experience in Level Eleven, a feast for all the senses. Ranging from deeply-Dutch snacks to exotic dinners: taste, look, smell, and enjoy!

Surprising flavours and tantalizing smells make your guests happy, even blissful. These are indispensable ingredients for a unique encounter and a much-discussed moment. Our culinary staff makes sure you get the culinary surprise you envisioned. Of course, totally attuned to the occasion, to your event’s theme, and to specific needs.

From meat croquette to oyster
A conference or a meeting with a lunch buffet, a party with some tasteful appetizers, or a wedding with a classy dinner. No matter what you have planned, with Level Eleven your guests will taste, relish, and enjoy the good life.

Do you fancy a five-course meal? Or perhaps a dinner dance? Or do you prefer the primordial Dutch ‘gezelligheid’; the cosiness with little meat croquettes and a beer? It’s all possible in Level Eleven. Don’t forget: it’s your moment!

Got a taste for it? Why don’t you come by!
Do you want a taste of what your reception will be like? Do you want to discuss the menu for your dinner? Please make an appointment with our Event Managers Elleke and Roos. And once you’re here, just enjoy the breathtaking view of the Amsterdam canals. Just as important for your taste buds as the food itself!