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  • Stunning view over the Amsterdam city centre
  • Unprecedented possibilities
  • Experienced and creative Event Experts
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A gala night is the highlight of the year for any debating society, organisation or club. Especially if you choose Level Eleven. This is the highest location in Amsterdam for hosting such an event, with a view that surprises and baffles all your guests. A stylish panorama that perfectly matches a stylish gala.

The opening dance on a dance floor that seems to be the centre of the universe, a champagne fountain that sparkles in the party lights, a classical music ensemble, or a DJ with a singer. In Level Eleven, we make it all happen and fulfill your wishes for such a gala. Chic, fancy, and refined. The backdrop is already present, 360° around you and your guests.

Student arrangements
Level Eleven provides precious memories at an affordable price. We offer favourable student deals to turn your gala into a festive success. Would you like to book the complete package, including a dinner and party? Or do you prefer a party night with meat croquettes, beer and wine? Ask us about our student deals and be surprised!

Come and have a look at Level Eleven and be amazed about all the options for your gala. Make an appointment and we will take you on a journey across our location and share our ideas.