That's why!

  • Completion of our service level based on “the new reality”
  • A safe and hygienic environment
  • In-house safety guidelines based on RIVM prescriptions and the 1,5 meter social distancing norm
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Meeting Hygienics


As soon as the spreading of the COVID-19 virus is back to a level as low that we can consider to get “back to work”, we need to find new ways to. Our standards and values will change and we need to be more aware of our hygienic standards and the 1,5 meter social distancing requires an adaption in mindset and in practical ways as well.

We would like to introduce meeting hygienics; our in-house hygiënics formula based on the Dutch guidelines as prescripted by the RIVM to ensure a safe and hygiënic meeting environment. Our venue and hospitality services are fully converted to the 1,5 meter regulation, our routing is adapted to the ‘stay right’, trough out the day we regularly clean and desinfect surfaces and we made changes in our food & beverage concept. Our meeting hygienic managers keeps an close eye and advises employees and guests and if nessecary does a moral appeal on everyone to secure a safe and hygienic environment.