That's why!

  • An inspiring and stimulating environment
  • State-of-the-art technical facilities
  • Useful meeting services
  • Excellent accessibility
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Looking for an inspiring meeting place in Amsterdam for a top level meeting? Surprise your colleagues or guests with an impressive setting, invite them to Level Eleven. Here you can make use of a surprisingly stimulating environment for all your brainstorms, inspirational sessions, and big or small meetings.

In Level Eleven you will actually notice how much your surroundings contribute to the results and atmosphere of your meeting. The city, the ever-changing cloudy skies, and the endless view: they provide the most inspiring background to your meeting goals.

Meet in Amsterdam, so think of Level Eleven
This is meeting on a whole different level. All the modern conveniences are at your disposal. A large space with lots of room to move, or smaller rooms that offer peace and privacy. The technical facilities are quite complete and really exceptional.

A fast Internet connection, beamers for your presentation, excellent climate control. If you wish, we can even get you a secretary to take notes and record your meeting in detail. And your guests will always be connected with our All-Cables-Available-Service, it’s just a matter of plug & play.

Level Eleven Meeting Kit

The meeting venue at Level Eleven is fully equipped. Just like our Meeting Kit, the all-in kit that contains all the necessary tools for your meeting. Pens and notepads, markers and post-its. Even paracetamol, in case anyone gets a headache. Everything to turn your scrum, brainstorm, or any other session into a dynamic, inspiring moment. And the beauty of it all: the Meeting Kit is ready for you, in the room you have booked!

Do you want additional information on meeting at a high level? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will inform you of all the possibilities.