That's why!

  • 360 degrees panoramic view
  • Circular space with a cool industrial appearance
  • Our team manages to find the best and nicest entertainment
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Is it a challenge to find the perfect party location in Amsterdam? Just wait until you discover Level Eleven and have seen the spectacular view for yourself. That’s when you know: this is your spot for that smashing party night at the end of your wedding day.

The view will surprise you, just like all the possibilities here at Level Eleven. The circular space with its sturdy, industrial appeal is suitable for almost any form of entertainment. A dance floor in the middle, a swinging 80’s band, or a booming DJ, a Photobooth for great pictures of a great party… Everything goes at Level Eleven.

Party and enjoy with Level Eleven
You will surely have a lot of ideas for your wedding day and party night, but you might need some extra inspiration. Our team is very capable of finding the nicest and best entertainment, since we have a large network of professional partners and artists. Remember, it’s not the first time we throw a party, so don’t hesitate to call us. Together we’ll turn it into an unforgettable evening!