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Surprise, captivate, connect. With your promotional event you intend to impress your guests. You want to show them who you are as a company, and what your values are. We think it all starts with an experience. And at a location that captivates the hearts of your business relations. Welcome to Level Eleven!

A promotional event allows you to show off. Level Eleven shines a spotlight on your strengths, that goes without saying. But the real heroes of your event are your customers, your business relations. We pamper them, with heartwarming attention and spectacular experiences.

High-level hospitality
Attention and hospitality is at a whole new level at Level Eleven. A heartfelt welcome and a generous reception, listening to guests and looking out for their needs – often before they even ask for anything. The human factor in hospitality, that is what we bring to the table and which makes our attention for your guests so heartwarming.

Deep impressions, grand surprises
Swing and dance on a colourful disco-dance floor, a classy dinner and dance, or an intimate performance by a jazz singer. At Level Eleven, your promotional event will be an unforgettable experience. Deep impresisons and grand surprises, that is what your customers take away, and back home they will talk about this for a long time coming.

Let us think along about the best way to make your event incredibly impressive. Don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s the first step toward that moment with great impact.